Pondering on the Crucifixion

Some thoughts from Johanna Smyrell (Father Heart Central UK) on the words “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me” spoken by Jesus on the cross:

Everyone seems to think that this line spoken by Jesus was the Father actually leaving His beloved Son in his darkest and most painful hour.

The whole Trinity experienced the cross, not just one person of it. The father-son connection is such that they are one of and with the other, and that is straightforward enough to grasp, but Holy Spirit, as the comforter, also experienced that pain, separation and anguish.  In His participation of this total pain, Holy Spirit is completely acquainted with our pain, He comforts through experiencing our humanity at its most desperate: an intimate knowledge of our orphan-ness is now also His.

For Jesus to be fully human means, to be fully orphaned, and in that moment, with all our cries, accusations and questions Jesus inhabited them all.  In that moment, Jesus knew the pain and darkness of being outside the union He had been in from eternity.  Is this the meaning of the cry, “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” – In darkness He voices our cry, the blindness in our eyes which fails to see the reality of “God with us”, at all times and in every situation.  Jesus was not forsaken, but by fully embracing our humanity on the cross, He experienced, for the first time, the desolate emptiness of the orphans He came to bring home.