Dare to Trust you’re loved

Brennan Manning (1934 – 2013) was an ordained Franciscan priest and author.  He said this:

“I want neither a terrorist spirituality that keeps me in a perpetual state of fright about being in a right relationship with my Heavenly Father, nor a sappy spirituality that portrays God as such a benign teddy bear that there is no aberrant behaviour or desire of mine that He will not condone”.

“I want a relationship with the Abba of Jesus who is infinitely compassionate with my brokenness and at the same time an awesome, incomprehensible, and unwieldy mystery” 

Daring to trust that Jesus loves us as we are, NOT as we should be means accepting what He says and living life responding to His love for us.

The video below is a challenge to us about the love Jesus has for each of us:

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