Welcome to our Community website

FatherHeartCentral UK is a regional group of people captivated by the revelation of Father’s amazing love for us and that He has made us sons and daughters. The founding members of this group have been impacted particularly by the teachings of James and Denise Jordan (Father Heart Ministries) 

We are seeking to live in the love of the Father as sons and daughters of our true loving Heavenly Father.  We enjoy meeting together regularly to share what Father is doing in each of our lives. 

The group is growing as more and more people receive the revelation of the unconditional love that Father has for us.

We are passionate about sharing the revelation of sonship with others in the Midlands of England and host local events with speakers from Father Heart Ministries or like-minded people. It is our desire to support any initiative which increases the understanding and experience of God’s unconditional love and the change that brings to an individual’s experience of life as a son.