Hosting & Events team

Hosting and event organising team information

Below is a brief bio of the main team involved in hosting and organising events:

Mike and Sue Hamon

Mike and Sue have been married for 46 years, have five grown up children, seven grandchildren and live in the picturesque town of Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  Both have worked largely in primary education where the growth and development of children as unique individuals was central.

As a couple Mike and Sue have been ministering to people through Restoring The Foundations healing ministry (RTF) for many years.  Coming into the revelation that they are intimately loved by Father, since attending Father Heart A and B schools, they are excited to see others built and encouraged into the same.



Norman and Johanna Smyrell

Norman & Johanna have been married for 44 years, have three grown up children, four grandchildren and live in Shrewsbury Shropshire. As a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Norman’s career includes senior management roles in the the telecommunication sector and has been the owner/MD of a management consultancy and training business.  Johanna has worked in the NHS, Harper University Shropshire and has a degree in social anthropology and masters in social research methods. 

Norman & Johanna have been ministers of Restoring The Foundations (RTF) integrated healing since 2003. They run ministry  events, speak at churches, business seminars and retreats.

In 2014 they came into the revelation Father’s love through the ministry of James and Denise Jordan.  Walking in this revelation they are becoming more involved with Father Heart Ministries as they experience the substance of Father’s love for themselves and those to whom they minister.