Celebrating kids

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven” C. S. Lewis

As we enter 2019 we celebrate the freedom of being the sons and daughters of a loving Father.

In “Sonship, a journey into Father’s heart” book, James Jordan writes: “Christianity is not a path to competency but a path to childlikeness. The more childlike we become, the closer we are to Him. And the closer we are, the more childlike we become.”

Children know how to enjoy life. They are not bothered by the fear of doing things correctly and not living right. In many ways the Christianity we have known adds lists of rights and wrongs, what’s acceptable for ‘Christians’ and what is not. Children just get on with being themselves and enjoying life.

If you’re not enjoying your Christian life, then you’re probably not walking with God (Psalm 16v11). Stop and seriously look at your life. If you’re not enjoying your life, then something is drastically wrong.

In 2019 let us enjoy being childlike as we walk in the love of our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.