Useful Links

We have compiled links to other websites you may find helpful in learning more about Father Heart Ministries and contacts

Ministries sites:                                                                                                                                                                                             

Father Heart Ministries – International Site                                                                                   

Father Heart Ministries – UK ( any events run team members in the UK )   

Father Heart Media ( Online store for Father Heart resources )        

Father Heart Ministries – Scotland  ( What’s happening in Scotland)                      

Father Heart Ministries – Ireland  (what’s happening in Ireland)                             

James & Denise JordanWebsite

Trevor & Linda GalpinWebsite

Steven HillAncient Future website  ( Blog and forum for his writings )

Mark Gyde – A Father To You website

Barry & Ann Adams       

Father Heart TV ( Inspirational video’s and live webcasts ) 

Father’s Love Letter ( An intimate from God to you )

365 Promises ( Daily inspirational and scriptural promises )

Father Loves the World  (God’s Fatherheart for every Nation )